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Harvard doctorate, Dentistry, Law, Business

Hey. I'm Dr. Hosomura, Harvard-trained orthodontist and medical scientist, currently pursuing MBA and JD degrees. [My full academic credentials and publication list]

After attending dental, graduate, and business schools, I became an expert in how to make money academically. Today, I coach my clients on how to utilize their academic knowledge to have multiple streams of income as a student or a professional.

My Story

     I am originally from Tokyo, Japan. As I grew up in Japan, my dream was to study at Harvard University. To realize my dreams, however, I needed to find ways to fund my studies.

     As an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, I started selling academic information products. I then attended dental school at New York University on a full-tuition Dean's Merit Scholarship. I subsequently obtained my Doctor of Medical Sciences degree from Harvard University.


     While working full-time as an orthodontist, I got accepted into business school and law school with tuition scholarships of 50% and 70% (Law Dean's Merit Scholarship), respectively.

     Funding professional studies can be intimidating. I teach my clients how to achieve academic success AND financial success by making money academically.

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